Bundles for Acoustic / Classical Guitars

I really do think the microphone sounds really good. It’s a very good product. It’s nice that internal microphone is black - I like that, it’s pretty discreet. The preamp also sounds really good, I like how solid it is - it sounds really natural. It’s a very good addition to your setup and you can achieve good results.

Antoine DufourFingerstyle Guitarist

I am extremely happy I know about NV Tone now! The internal mic is accurately representing my guitar without any sonic oddities that I have experienced with other internal mics. External preamp really completes this system. Model Duo has made plugging in my acoustic guitar a truly joyful experience!

Tony PolecastroCo-founder, Acoustic Life, Inc.

The thing I like about NV Tone Model Duo mic is that it is internal, which means that you are not the slave of your guitar. The mic would not only pick up everything you play with the strings but also everything that you play on the body. It sounds extremely balanced, and has fat sound and full tone! I am done searching.

Marco CirilloYoutuber, BlitzGuitar

NV Tone is an awesome solution for guitarists out there who want a crisp way of recording acoustic guitar. The dual-channel mixer on the Model Duo makes it super flexible to mix in your regular pickup with the internal mic. Can’t wait to write and record some new tunes with the Model Duo!

David TranFounder, GuitarZero2Hero

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