Model Duo System (Black)

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Dual-channel preamplifier Model Duo is designed to blend microphone sound with your piezo or magnetic pickup. Natural, pure sound with deep bass and airy highs. Tone controls are present for every channel featuring studio-quality sound. Forget about your 9V batteries, the battery is rechargeable!
Internal microphone included.
VAT and other taxes are included.

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Dual-channel preamplifier

Developed to perfectly mix both line and microphone inputs. The line input is compatible with any existing piezo or magnetic pickups.

Flexible tone control features.

Once you’ve connected both mic and your pickup, you have the ability to adjust Gain, Treble, Mid-range, Bass, and Volume controls for your personal taste and needs.

Rechargeable lithium battery

The new technology of using lithium battery allows you to play for 16 hours nonstop, creating masterpieces even when charging, without any signs of ripple noise.

Innovative, convenient, eco-friendly.

With this solution you can save money and have a smaller impact on the pollution of our planet, reducing the number of recyclable batteries, thus creating less waste.




What's in the box

NV Tone Model Duo Black Whats In the Box

Tech Specs

Frequency range
10 ~ 35,000 Hz

Bass, mid-range, treble tone controls
±20 dB

Input impedance of mic channel
1 MΩ

Input impedance of line channel
470 kΩ

Battery capacity
1300 mAh

Battery life
16 hours per charge

5,9″ x 3,14″ x 1″ inch

0,5 lbs

An internal microphone is the condenser microphone and requires phantom power. Model Duo’s Precision Preamplifiers supplies microphone with the voltage it needs for proper work.